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Artist Spotlight: Andrea G. Hardeman

How would you like to sit down, one-on-one, with your favorite artist and ask her/him anything? Are you interested to learn how they became who they are or get advice catered just for you? Well so would we! That's why we are welcoming back our 'Artist Spotlight Series' to our blog! Join us as we have conversations with artists from around the state and nation who are passing along their "what-I-wish-I-would-have-knowns", their creative process, their best advice, and their stories that have made them who they are.

This week we're starting off by introducing you to artist, Andrea G. Hardeman and her art business Papillion Skies. Andrea was not only able to successfully create her business during 2020, but also create emotionally inspired art pieces through and because of these recent turbulent years. See how she did it and learn how you can.