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The Summer Leadership Intensive is a two-day ‘Intensive’ program for female artists that focuses on various aspects of leadership skills and business acumen (essential business skills and knowledge) in the arts. Normally held in Salt Lake City, Utah (see COVID changes below), our attendees enjoy a variety of interactive workshops, keynote speakers, panel discussions, roundtable debates, Q&A sessions, and fun! Check out our 2020 program to get an idea of the Intensive content and check back here for 2022 program announcements.

At our 2022 Intensive, up to 40 collegiate women, ages approx. 18-25, across all fields of the arts will be accepted as 'ALI Fellows' to attend the program virtually. These ALI Fellows will also qualify for a full-participation scholarship and have the opportunity to be paired with a professional mentor from their particular field of interest.


They will complete the program with new perspectives and the knowledge of how to create opportunities for their artwork. Consider applying for an ALI Fellow position if you are an undergraduate or graduate female artist who has ever asked herself questions similar to these:

How can I monetize my art after graduation?
What kind of marketing should I be doing to get my work noticed?
How can I foster professional relationships with others?
What is cold contacting or networking and how do I do it?
How can I get grants for my various projects?
What is branding and do I need to apply it to my artwork? 

Apply to the 2022 Summer Leadership Intensive and find answers while opening doors for yourself and your artwork.

For more details on who qualifies to become an ALI Fellow and how to apply, visit our FAQ page.

"Our mission to train artists in essential business and leadership skills has become all the more relevant, even urgent. We are resolved to continue our work and will still host our Summer Leadership Intensive, though adapting the format to our changed world."

-Stephanie Rhodes Russell


Due to the Coronavirus, the 2022 Intensive will be held virtually from June 2-4. 

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"Due to COVID-19, the 2022 Summer Leadership Intensive will now offer two components: A virtual conference open to women of all ages across the range of artistic disciplines, accompanied by an exclusive conference track for ALI Fellows—undergraduate-age women pursuing a degree in the arts.


Our programming for ALI Fellows will include all previous Intensive components, including group mentoring with a professional in their area of expertise, round table discussions, and workshops designed to enhance their business artistry. Keynote speaker, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions will be open to all registered participants. Detailed information outlining the curriculum will be available in the coming weeks." 

-Stephanie Rhodes Russell

Women's ALI Founder and Executive Director


Exclusive Conference Track

June 2-4, 2022



The Summer Leadership Intensive is designed specifically for ALI Fellows - undergraduate  and graduate age women across all fields within the arts. Our curriculum concentrates on three major components: Leadership Style and Skill, Personal Brand Building and Business Artist Acumen.


ALI Fellows this year will enjoy nearly all of the aspects of our in-person Intensive at our digital 2021 Summer Leadership Intensive including: 

Group Mentoring with a professional in their field

Round Table Discussions

Interactive Workshops

Keynote Speakers 

Panel Discussions 

Q&A sessions


We have full-enrollment scholarships for every ALI Fellow in our 2022 year. To receive your scholarship, you will need to fill out the Scholarships section of the application. 


Virtual Conference

June 2-4, 2022 

Artists of all ages and backgrounds are invited to attend this years' digital Women's ALI Summer Leadership Intensive. We look forward to a group of diverse and dynamic participants - including you!

This opportunity open to public participants, provides you with access to all Keynote speakers and partial workshops & activities of the 2022 Intensive. Official curriculum will be posted here in the coming weeks. 


Register through PayPal and for a $15 donation you will receive full access to your Intensive materials. 

"This event was life changing and I am forever grateful for this empowering opportunity." 

-2019  ALI Fellow

Our mission is to educate and empower our ALI Fellows to become future leaders—both in the arts and elsewhere—by equipping them with leadership skills and business acumen, and engaging them in the community with a network of professional mentors. 


That means that whether you are running a studio, performing, working in arts administration or outside of the arts, we want you to have the tools to succeed!

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