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What is an ALI Fellow?

To answer the question directly, an ALI Fellow is a woman between the ages of 18-25 pursuing a career in the arts.She is creative, passionate, and, after her year-long fellowship with Women’s ALI, she is one step closer to making her dreams a reality. In the most basic of terms an ALI Fellow benefits from:

  1. Attending our four-day Summer Leadership Intensive, created specifically for her, that focuses on various aspects of essential business and leadership skills for the arts.

  2. Being paired with a professional mentor through our Mentor Alliance Program for individual guidance in her specific field.

  3. Additional educational sessions throughout the year of her fellowship that are based on her requests.

  4. Connection and a community with generations of working women and other female artists from Utah universities and beyond

This list describes what an ALI Fellow is, but to be an ALI Fellow means so much more.