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What is the Women’s ALI Summer Leadership Intensive?

In the same way that professional athletes must exercise a singular focus to obtain success, artists apply a similar dedication to developing their craft. With so much of an artist’s education spent gaining technical ability, the remaining time is usually exhausted on theoretical and historical study. While all this may serve to create a well-rounded student, it fails to provide answers to an important question:

What next?

How do I transition from an aspiring artist into a true professional? Are there any predictable challenges I should be preparing myself for now?

The answer is yes! And Women’s ALI was created specifically to help answer these questions and fill the missing gaps.

Enter the Summer Leadership Intensive The Summer Leadership Intensive is a 4-day educational leadership intensive designed to educate young female artists ages 16-23 in both the business acumen and leadership skills they will need for a successful future.

Wondering if our program would be a worthwhile investment for you? Take the following quiz to find out!

  1. Are you looking to build a network of people who could help connect you with future opportunities?

  2. Do you enjoy the unique type of support and relationships women can offer each other?

  3. Would you like to increase your confidence as an artist? Especially in interviews/auditions?

  4. As an artist, you are your own small business. Would you like some help getting yours started?

  5. Could you stand to increase your competency in basic software like office and excel?

  6. Want to help shape the future and learn how to advocate for yourself and others?

  7. Want to have an amazing time with other women who share your values?

If you answered, “YES!” to even one of these questions then you are a perfect candidate for the Summer Leadership Intensive. And these topics only brush the surface of what you can glean from our program!

So what does the program look like?

You will be spending four days in a series of keynote addresses, workshops, round table discussions, and activities all designed to help you grow and develop as a woman and as an artist. Those who choose the “Mentorship Track” option will also be paired with a relevant professional in their field to provide counseling and real-world networking. In addition, these persons will be eligible to participate in the Women’s Artistic Leadership Initiative’s first annual concert; a culminating showcase to the program.

Opportunities are limitless but space is not. Read more details about the program and register now to join us from June 25th to June 28th.

- Your 100% volunteer-based Women’s ALI team

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